IHFA is a patron of Animal Health Ireland and supports all AHI Initiatives. 

Phase Two of the Irish Johne’s Control Programme is open to all dairy farmers across the country, based on voluntary participation.  

Funding is provided jointly by the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and individual milk processors with a commitment to maintain financial support over a four-year period for each herd. This funding will assist herd owners to carry out whole herd testing, Veterinary Risk Assessment and Management Plans (VRAMP) and ancillary testing where required. 

Note for breeders selling and exporting to the north of Ireland 

As part of the one island disease strategy Johnes testing will become part of the Red Tractor Scheme in Northern Ireland from 2020. 80% of herds in Northern Ireland are joined in this quality assurance scheme. Therefore, it is important for those exporting heifers to have their herds tested. 

Advice on the timing of Johne’s testing 

If the herd is tested in early lactation, test-positive animals can be excluded from breeding and scheduled for removal from the herd at drying off, or preferably sooner. This will protect the next crop of calves. 

 Herds adopting this approach of testing as soon as possible after the herd has resumed milking should remember to wait until at least 180 days after the previous year’s herd test, at least 7 days after calving has finished and at least 90 days after a TB test. 

For further details and to register, contact your local milk processors or AHI (