Young Members Association

Young Members Association (YMA) is a voluntary organisation which caters for young people involved and interested in breeding, managing and exhibiting Holstein Friesian cattle.

It is essential to nurture, educate and encourage young stock people in order to ensure the success and progression of the breed in future years.

YMA is an outlet for young people to learn the skills and knowledge that will be helpful to them when buying, breeding, managing and exhibiting cattle, and helps develop these skills to the best of each individual’s ability.

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Membership of YMA

If you are aged 26 and under, you can join the Young Members Association of IHFA. For just €10, you can become a member and, through Club activities, connect with other like-minded young people in your area and around the country.

A list of YMA Co-ordinators is available HERE

To join YMA, fill out a membership form which can be found HERE and return with membership fee to IHFA, Ballymacowen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.


Similar to all IHFA activities, YMA events are an excellent way of meeting like-minded people, increasing your social network and is a useful way of promoting your herd.

YMA and IHFA are committed to developing skills such as leadership, communication, public speaking, group and organisational skills, as well as promotional skills which assist the development of young people across Ireland. It is skills like these that are not only helpful when involved in the farming industry, but across all aspects of life.Our goal is to encourage and support young members to become active in the promotion and development of the breed throughout Ireland.