IHFA has a long, proud history of an organised regional club structure throughout the country to provide an educational and social forum for its members. Club activites throughout the year include a herds competition, stock judging competitions, social outings, educational trips and information meetings with industry professionals.

New members are always welcome to join their local club

IHFA Services for Clubs

The IHFA office is in a position to provide support and back up to the organisational duties of each club. Some of the facilities that can be provided by IHFA for its clubs include

  • Webtext to club members
  • Circulars issued to club members
  • Promote club activities
  • Create catalogues for club sales, shows, field evenings
  • Download herd figures for herds competitions, club activities, results of competitions
  • Coverage of club notes in IHFA Journal
  • Calendar of club events.

Please contact or 023-8833443 for any further info on any of the above