Becoming a member of IHFA will add value to your herd. The process of joining is very simple and straight-forward. 

Requirements for membership:

  • Submit an application form for membership to IHFA. 
  • Milk record cows  
  • Register a herd prefix (name) 
  • Have a herd free of any restriction under the various Department of Agriculture disease eradication schemes. 

A member of staff will call out to your farm and complete the registration procedure. Herd owners choose their own prefix or herd name which is then registered exclusively as their brand.  Yearly membership – €40  

Herd prefix once off charge – €100, discounted if whole herd grade up completed – Find out more Here

Click here to download a copy of an application for membership.

Click here to download a permission form 

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A permission form is an instruction from you to the Department of Agriculture and Food to make available a copy of your herd’s calf registration data and movements (AIMS) to Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF). The information will be stored in this database. 

If you are a current member who needs to update your bank details for your existing direct debit with us, you will find the form you need here

If you are changing to a company or partnership you will need to fill out both the direct debit form and membership form again with new information.

If you wish to receive further information regarding becoming a member, please contact our office at IHFA, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.  Tel.: +353 (0)23 8833443 or email: