The classification service is an independent, unbiased analysis of an animal’s conformation.​​ At the end of each year, IHFA publishes a list of the previous year’s classified animals. The following are 

Multi EX, EX & VG Classifications from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021

Parities will not be correct if your AIMS was not updated at time of classification.

See below for a full list of the current annual Classifications.

Note to breeders 

AIMS affect classification parities 

It is important that you have your aims up to date for accuracy of classification parities. 

Please note that the classifier in some instances may need to change parity on the hand held to classify your animal. 

However, this change is not a permanent record. The DAFM system will only accept you, the breeder, to record the animal parities on the AIMS system.

Sending in dry off dates is critical for accurate milk recording data and generation of your annual herd report.

For previous years’ Classification listing, see below

Classification Listings 

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Read more about Classification here