40 years of pedigree Holstein Friesian breeding commands top prices

Knowthfarm herd dispersal sale tops €7,300

82 milkers from established cow families average €2,391 for Jim & Patricia McGrane

The top seller at the dispersal sale for Jim and Patricia McGrane & family Knowthfarm pedigree registered Holstein Friesian herd was 3-year-old, Knowthfarm RS Lulu VG89, who sold for €7,300.

Fourteen lots sold for prices of €3,000 or higher. Nineteen heifer calves sold for an average price of €1,519.

The success of the sale reinforces the powerful potential achievable from a combination of cow families, top conformation and efficient production yields over generations of breeding. 

The sale took place online from Carnaross Mart, Kells, Co. Meath on Wednesday, April 28th, and was conducted by Taaffe Auctions.

The high demand and buoyant trade are testament to the quality of Jim McGrane’s 40 years of dedicated Holstein Friesian breeding in developing the Knowthfarm herd, near Slane in Co. Meath.

Cow families are the backbone to the progress of the herd including a sprinkling of Red & Whites. Successfully developed families include Alpentrip, Nell, Jackie, Dixie, Poppy, Kira, Aoife and Iris to mention a few.

The Knowthfarm herd has successfully competed in the North Eastern club herds competitions over the years.

Pedigree Holstein Friesian Dispersal Sale - Top Selling Cow - Knowthfarm RS Lulu

Top selling lot from the Knowthfarm Dispersal Sale – Knowthfarm RS Lulu VG89

Knowthfarm RS Lulu VG89 (Lot 19), who achieved the top sale price of €7,300, is a potential 7th generation EX (excellent). Classified VG89 in her 2nd lactation with a score of EX90 mammary, she is backed by six generations of EX dams. In her first lactation she recorded 8,699kgs milk, 776kgs milk solids, 5.33% fat, 3.59% protein (321 days). Now over 120 days into her second lactation, she has recorded 5.78% fat and 3.57% protein to date, and is projected to produce over 10,000kgs milk, 934kgs milk solids.

Her quality appeal attracted a lot of interest. Having opened at €2,000, an enthusiastic series of bids followed quickly, resulting in the gavel eventually dropping at €7,300.

She is sired by Siemers Mogul Real-Seal ET.  Jim successfully developed the Lulu family in his herd having purchased Dalevalley Talent A Lulu 29 as a yearling heifer from breeders Roy and Heather Cromie.

Knowthfarm Aladin Florry Red VG86 2-year-old (Lot 54), who sold for €5,550, commanded the next top price. A quality Red & White heifer, six weeks fresh, she is currently milking 34 litres per day.

Backed by five generations of VG/EX dams, she classified VG86 one month after calving, scoring VG87 legs & feet and VG88 mammary. Her heifer calf Knowthfarm Flory Crown Red (Lot 54 A) sold for €2,250. Combined, mother and daughter achieved a total price of €7,800.

Knowthfarm Diamondback Nell EX92 (Lot 24) sold for €4,550, achieving the next highest price. In her second lactation she recorded 10,152kgs milk, 796kgs milk solids, 4.33% fat, 3.50% protein (320 days).

Calved in on her 3rd lactation at the end of January, she recently classified EX92 on conformation – just one point short of the maximum score achievable for third parity cows. She is a third-generation dam, recording over 5.00% fat.

Knowthfarm Faithful Trip Red (Lot 48 A) sold for €3,700 and was the top priced heifer calf of the sale. A classy Red & White calf, born last November, she is sired by Bentehoek Faithful-Red VG.

Her dam Knowthfarm District Trip VG87, in her second lactation (Lot 48), sold for €2,750. In her first lactation, she recorded 7,636kgs, 635kgs milk solids, 4.62% fat, 3.45% protein. She is currently milking 32 litres per day with 5.03% fat, 3.45% protein.

Knowthfarm Dominant Trip Red EX91 (Lot 46) sold for €3,080. Her heifer calf, Knowthfarm Faithful D Trip Red, sold for €2,850 – achieving a combined price of €5,930.

Classified EX91 on conformation in her fourth lactation, Knowthfarm Dominant Trip Red is backed by five generations of VG/EX dams. In her 3rd lactation she recorded 10,725kgs, 897kgs milk solids, 4.80% fat, 3.56% protein (327 days).

Other prices include

Knowthfarm HT Poppy VG87 (Lot 73), fresh in her second lactation, sold for €3,720.

Knowthfarm RS Aoife VG88 (Lot 56), a 3-year-old fresh in her second lactation and milking 55 litres/day sold for €3,600.

Knowthfarm RS Diamond VG87, one month fresh in her 2nd lactation, sold for €3,220. As a heifer she recorded 6,424kgs milk, 549kgs milk solids, 4.77% fat, 3.79% protein (276 days).