Dalevalley Sky-High Protein Sale Report

Cow families, backed by generations of production and conformation performance command the top prices at Dalevalley Sky-High Protein Sale

Roy & Heather Cromie and guest vendors achieve €4,175 average price from 36 lots sold

Dalevalley Maze Apple Red (Lot 10) sold for €7,770

The Dalevalley Sky-High Protein Sale took place on Wednesday June 9th , conducted by Taaffe Auctions at Carnaross Livestock >art, Co. Meath. Held as a combination auction incorporating both live ring-side bidding and online bidding, it was the most successful Dalevalley titled auction to date.

Guest vendors included Hallow – Philip & Linda Jones, Gorey, Co. Wexford; Greenlea – Padraic Greenan, Crosshugh, Co Monaghan and Ardnasalem & Happy – Patrick Colton & David Buchanan, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, in addition to consignments from Roy & Heather Cromie’s Dalevalley herd, Castlefin, Co. Donegal.

Two lots surpassed the €10,000 milestone. 36 lots sold from an auction offering of 42 lots in total (86% clearance) with an average price paid of €4,175.

The auction consignments offered a depth of discernible choice and quality. Breeding from generations of top performance, proven cow families, Red & White lines, production with high components and show winning accolades. The high calibre catalogue included three in-milk heifers, served and maiden heifers, young baby heifer calves and three yearling bulls for breeding. UK breeders were among the purchasers on the day.

Hallow Holsteins of Philip & Linda Jones enjoyed tremendous success. The Twizzle family members offered for auction were descended from the multi award-winning dam, Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET EX96 4E – an IHFA Diamond award recipient with a lifetime yield of 99,873kgs milk, 9,418kgs milk solids, 5.71% fat, 3.72% protein. To date she has bred three EX 2nd lactation daughters which is the maximum classification score possible for 2nd calvers, a very rare breeding achievement.

Hallow Atwood Twizzle 1181 RC EX 2nd calf (max classification score) – Dam of Hallow Diamondback Twizzle 1159 sold for €11,025 the top price of the sale.

Four of the top five highest prices were paid for members of the Twizzle family. With a price of €11,025 Hallow Diamondback Twizzle 159 (Lot 26) was the sale topper. Aged fourteen months, she is a daughter of Hallow Atwood Twizzle 1181 RC EX 2ndcalf, maximum classification score, who won Champion of the RUAS Balmoral Show 2019. Her maternal sister, Hallow Sol Twizzle VG87 3-year-old with a VG88 mammary, won Reserve Champion of the YMA National Calf Show in 2019 and is currently in her 2nd lactation with a yield of 7,223kgs milk, 560kgs milk solids, 4.18% fat, 3.57% protein (256 days). Her grand dam is the aforementioned Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET EX96 4E.

Hallow Octain Twizzle 1597 (Lot 11) sold for €10,290 which was the next highest price. She is the youngest and final daughter of Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET EX96 4E. Aged fourteen months on sale day, Hallow Octane Twizzle 1597 is sired by Stantons High Octane ET EX93.

Dalevalley Maze Apple Red ET (Lot 10), sold for €7,770, topped the Dalevalley prices for Roy and Heather Cromie. She is a potential 10th generation VG/EX as her dam, SF-Shadylane DK Amazing Red VG86 2-year-old VG86 mammary, is a grand-daughter of KHW Regiment Apple Red ET EX96 3E. Her dam is a potential 9th generation EX dam. Aged six months on sale day, Dalevalley Maze Apple Red ET is sired by Cycle McGucci Jordy Red ET.

Hallow Awesome Twizzle Red (Lot 15), the first ever Red & White Twizzle to be offered at an auction in Ireland, sold for €7,770. She is a potential 7th generation VG/EX. Her dam, Hallow Solomon Twizzle 2 ET VG88 3-year-old with a VG89 mammary, is a full sister to Hallow Solomon Twizzle EX 2nd calver (maximum classification score) and Hallow Solomon Twizzle 3 ET VG89 3-year-old with a VG89 mammary. Her grand dam is Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET EX96 4E. Aged sixteen months on sale day, Hallow Awesome Twizzle Red sold with a PD to Mirand P RC (sexed).

Grand-daughters of Hallow Atwood Twizzle 3 ET EX96 4E, maternal sisters Hallow CM Tatoo Twizzle (Lot 45) and Hallow Crushtime Twizzle ET (Lot 46) sold for €7,455 and €5,040 respectively.

Other prices from the sale at a glance include,

  • Hallow Diamondback Ariel (Lot 14) sold for €5,880. Sired by Mr D Apple Diamondback EX93 she is a potential 10thgeneration VG/EX. Sold with a PD to Haniko (sexed), she is due to calve in mid-August. Her dam, Hallow W.Brook Ariel VG86, recorded 7,856kgs milk, 684kgs milk solids, 5.03% fat, 3.99% protein in her first lactation (305 days). Bred from the August family, her next four dams all recorded over 3.60% protein including KHW Regiment Ariel Red VG89, a full sister to KHW Regiment Apple Red ET EX96 3E.
  • Dalevalley Jordy Hot Red P ET (Lot 34) sold for €5,355. Descending from the Roxy family, her Dam A-L-H Honolulu ET RC P was purchased at the Tulip sale in Holland in 2019 and is due to calve-in next month. Her grand dam, Miss Mamas Hot Mess Red ET VG87 2-year-old with an EX mammary, is backed by eleven generations of EX dams. She recorded over 10,000kgs milk at 3.90% protein in her first lactation and both her EX92 2E dam and EX94 2E grand dam recorded protein% to 3.70%. Carrying the polled gene and sired by Jordy Red she was one of the youngest lots offered in the sale, aged just over two months old. Her similar aged full sisters Dalevalley Jordy Hot RC P ET (Lot 35) and Dalevalley Jordy Hono RC ET (Lot 36) both carrying the red factor gene sold for €2,205 and €2,625 respectively.
  • Dalevalley Aladin Jodie Red ET (Lot 30) sold for €4,935. Bred from the Fradon Jodie family she sold with a PD to McGucci Jordy Red and an expected calving date of late August. Her dam, Logan Mesdoor Jodie RC ET GP84 2-year-old, is a maternal sister to 2 EX and 8 VG cows, including Logan Integral Jodie Rd 3 ET EX91 Champion Red & White of Agriscot 2019. Her full sisters Dalevalley Alad Jodie RC ET (Lot 31) and Dalevalley Aladdin Jodie RC ET (Lot 32) sold for €2,415 and €3,255 respectively.
  • Hallow King Royal Fame (Lot 28) also sold for €4,935. She is a potential 6th generation EX. Sired by Plain-Knoll King Royal ET, she was aged eight months on sale day. Bred from the Fame family, her dam, Hallow Solomon Fame EX, recorded 9,247kgs milk, 749kgs milk solids, 4.58% fat, 3.51% protein in her second lactation (340 days). Her grand dam, Clonpaddin GWY Fame ET EX92 2E, is maternal sister to 17 EX cows.
  • Dalevalley Secretary Apple ET (Lot 13) sold for €4,515 for breeders Roy & Heather Cromie. She is a potential 11thgeneration VG/EX from the Apple family. She sold with a PD to Monamore Fieldmaster and a due date of mid-September. Hallow Crushabull Abrakazoo (Lot 29) also sold for €4,515. She is a potential 10th generation VG/EX and sold with a PD to Siemers Doc Handsome (sexed).
  • Leagh Solomon Maui 2 ET VG85 2-year-old (Lot 5) sold for €3,465 for joined-vendors Patrick Colton & David Buchanan. Calved since early April, she is currently milking 36 litres per day. Bred by Tim Fitzmaurice, she is a potential fourth generation EX, from the Miss Maui family. Her heifer calf sired by Woodcrest King Doc VG88 sold for €2,100, accumulating a total price of €5,565 for mother and daughter.
  • Greenlea Kido Red ET (Lot 54), a September 2020 born bull, sold for €3,045 for breeder Padraic Greenan. A Red & White bull, his dam, Luck-E Guthrie Katrina ET EX92, completes eight generations of EX dams. In her second lactation she recorded over 11,000kgs milk, 940kgs milk solids, 4.40% fat, 3.60% protein. His grand dam twice recorded two lactations in excess of 9,000kgs milk with 5.00% fat and over 4.00% rotein. Greenlea Krush ET, a maternal brother to Kido Red sold for €4,817 at the IHFA Premier Bull Sale earlier this year.

by Donal Carey