Monamore Holsteins 58th Sale Report

Proven cow families backed by top production and conformation performance in high demand at the 58th Monamore sale.

Tremendously successful sale for Thomas, Rhona & James Kelly resulting in 100 % clearance of 57 Spring calved milkers.

A bustling trade for milking stock in the 58th Monamore herd sale resulted in a full clearance with lively and brisk bidding right throughout from beginning to end. The sale achieved an average price of €3,104 across the quality catalogue offering of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd calvers on the day. The sale was conducted by Taaffe auctions on Saturday, June 18th last in Carnaross livestock mart.

The Monamore herd won 1st prize in the IHFA National Herds Competition 2021 (large herd category) and was also the winner of the Judges Choice award. Established in 1979, the genesis of the Monamore herd is stellar bloodlines from the Moneymore herd of Seamus (JJ) Kelly, Tom’s father. The list of renowned formative Monamore families includes Torch, Vera, Iris, Darlene. Over time select top-performing families have been acquired to enhance the depth of quality within the herd to include Papoose, Raven, Ellymae, Ebony, Barbie, Apple. The 58th Monamore sale comprised a high-quality selection of these choice families.

8 Lots achieve prices over €4,000

The entire consignment of 57 all-Spring calved lots on the day sold under the hammer resulting in a full 100% clearance.

  • Eight lots achieved prices in excess of €4,000.
  • Four lots achieved prices over €4,300.

Monamore Conans Ebony Red (Lot 12) sold for €4,725. She is a potential 12th generation VG/EX. She is bred from six generations of VG/EX Dams having over 3.50 % Protein. A fresh Red & White heifer sired by K+L LZ Conan, the sole Red & White Lot of the sale, she is eight weeks calved currently yielding 38 litres. Her Dam Monamore Darrels Ebony VG85 recorded 10,601 kgs milk, 798 kgs milk solids, 3.94 % Fat, 3.59 % Protein in her 2nd lactation, 318 days with an SCC of 50. Her Grand Dam Monamore Creamy Ebony VG85 currently in her 4th lactation has a lifetime yield to date of 43,898 kgs milk, 3,273 kgs milk solids, 3.84 % Fat, 3.62 % Protein.

Monamore Fifi 48 VG85 2-Year-Old (Lot 15) achieved the second highest price selling for €4,410. A potential 5thgeneration VG/EX she is bred from four generations of VG Dams over 3.50 % Protein. She is yielding 49 litres per day almost four months into her second lactation. In her first lactation she recorded over 10,000 kgs milk, 778 kgs milk solids, 4.07 % Fat, 3.67 % Protein (305 d) with a SCC of 40. She is sired by Pine-Tree Firefly ET (FR4355). Her Dam Monamore Fifi 28 VG88 recorded over 4.00 % Protein in three consecutive lactations with over 9,500 kgs milk, 880 kgs milk solids in every lactation.

Monamore Darlene 208 GP83 2-Year-Old (Lot 30) sold for €4,326 commanded the next highest price. She is a potential 9th generation VG/EX. As a heifer she recorded 7,770 kgs milk, 605 kgs milk solids, 3.90 % Fat, 3.88 % Protein, 317 days, SCC 56. She is two months fresh in her second lactation. Her sire is Boldi Admiration VG85.

Monamore Pink Lady 9 VG86 2-Year-Old (Lot 20) achieved the next top price, selling for €4,305. Calved two months in her second lactation and yielding 52 litres/day she is the top yielder of the sale. She is a 12th generation VG/EX Dam from the Apple family. Her sire is Croteau Lesperron Unix EX96. Her Dam Monamore Pink Lady 2 VG89 is a maternal sister to three VG/EX sisters.

Monamore Seaver Iris

Monamore Iris 105 (Lot 21) sold for €4,147 was the top priced 3rd calver of the sale. Calved seven weeks, yielding 38 litres per day. Her Dam Monamore Diamond Iris VG88 recorded over 12,000 kgs milk, 832 kgs milk solids in her second lactation (305 d). Her Grand Dam is maternal sister to Monamore Seavers Iris EX94 4E, IHFA Diamond Award recipient and Reserve Champion Emerald Expo 2016.

In addition to the top priced heifer, two further heifers achieved prices over €4,000;

  • Monamore Marietta 46 (Lot 37) sold for €4,147. She is a potential 10th generation VG/EX. Calved since mid-April she is yielding 33 litres per day. Her sire is Progenesis Method (FR4749). Her Dam Monamore Elected Marietta VG87 recorded a lifetime yield of 45,266 kgs milk, 3,614 kgs milk solids, 4.15 % Fat, 3.83 % Protein in four lactations.
  • Monamore Silvio Papoose (Lot 48) sold for €4,042. She is a potential 14th generation VG/EX. She is yielding 37 litres/day, almost four months into her first lactation. Her Dam Monamore RMan Papoose EX94 3E is an IHFA Diamond award recipient with a lifetime yield of 81,902 kgs milk, 6,281 kgs milk solids, 3.86 % Fat, 3.81 % Protein. Her sire is Villy Silvio. She has two EX Maternal sisters to date.

In total 18 Lots achieved prices over €3,500 including;

  • Monamore Bombi Darlene VG 2-Year-Old (Lot 31) a potential 11th generation VG/EX sold for €3,937. Two months fresh in her second lactation she is yielding 40 litres per day. She is sired by Siemers Bloomfield EX (S3249).
  • Monamore Adrienne 65 (Lot 7) sold for €3,780. Calved since early April she is yielding 36 litres in her first lactation. She is bred from four generations of VG/EX Dams with Protein over 3.50 %. Her sire is K+L LZ Conan.
  • Monamore Reggies Barbie (Lot 27) sold for €3,675. A potential fourth generation EX Dam she is bred from eleven generations of VG/EX Dams from the Barbie family. Four weeks fresh in her first lactation she is yielding 27 litres per day. Her sire is De-Su 14118 Reginald ET.
  • Monamore Artists Torch (Lot 43) also sold for €3,675. Calved since mid-March she is projected to yield 8,300 kgs milk, 592 kgs milk solids in her first lactation. Her sire is Stone-Front Artist (S3311).
  • Monamore Peak Buttercup GP82 2-Year-Old (Lot 39) sold for €3,518. As a heifer she recorded 9,338 kgs milk, 715 kgs milk solids, 3.92 % Fat, 3.73 % Protein (305 d). Calved since early April in her second lactation she is yielding 43 litres per day. Her sire is Peak Accelroyalty ET.

Monamore Torch 285