IHFA National Open Day – Celebratory Sale Report

Oldrose Open Day Sale Report – Celebratory sale of the Oldrose youngstock on the unique occassion of hosting IHFA National Open Day.

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A presentation to the Collins family in honour of their hosting the IHFA National Open Day. L-r: Leo Jnr and Aisling Colllins, Peter Ging, IHFA Chairperson; Leo Snr and Patricia Collins and Charles Gallagher IHFA CE. The IHFA National Open Day was held on the Collins farm, Oldrose Herd, Co. Meath and was sponsored by McAuley Feeds. (Photo: Maria Kelly, www.mariakellyphotographylivestock.com)

The Oldrose Open Day sale in conjunction with the hosting of the IHFA National Open Day saw a buoyant trade with 35 lots forward on the day. Hosts Leo Collins Senior and Junior & family offered the very best youngstock that would have been retained in the herd except for the proud occassion of hosting the IHFA National Open Day. The herd is built mainly on home-bred cow families with some choice purchases of select cow families made along the way.

Current herd average is 9,540 kgs milk, 4.83 % Fat, 3.26 % Protein (305 days).

Sires featuring in the pedigrees include some of the top International sires such as Mogul, Montross, Mardi Gras, Deman, Rambo, Kingboy, Diamondback.

The sale averaged €2,170 with a clearance rate of 80 %. Some sales were concluded post auction which would increases the clearance rate.

Some of the top prices includes;
Oldrose Rambo Torch (Lot 16) sold for €3,750
Potential 9 generations of VG/EX from the renowned Torch family – Monamore. Her dam has averaged over 9,000 kgs in her first 3 lactations to date. A stylish September born heifer sired by OCD Kingboy Rambo.

Oldrose Dynamite Nora (Lot 12) sold for €3,400
Bred from three generations of 3.60 % Protein. From the home bred Nora family having high components and backed by four generations of VG/EX dams. Due to calve in August she carries a PD to Mogul (sexed). Her impressive sire stack reads Ked Juror x Champion x Samuelo x Stonewall x Pellerat Dynamite.

Oldrose McDougal Deirdre (Lot 6) sold for €3,200
Champion at the recent Fingal Show this heifer generated a lot of excitement in the ring. Her Dam Oldrose Dynamite Deirdre recently classified VG85, she has produced over 9,000 kgs milk in her first two lactations. Born in October she could possibly feature among the contenders in the forthcoming YMA National Calf show.

Oldrose Shottle Hazel 1 (Lot 10) sold for €3,100
A family favourite this Shottle daughter is from the Hazel family. She has a PD to Mogul with an expected September calving date. Her Dam is considered to be one of the very best cows ever milked at Oldrose. She is classified EX93 4E and has completed eight lactations with over 5,500 kgs milk solids produced in her lifetime.

Oldrose Goldday Beatrice (Lot 9) sold for €2,850

Oldrose Gillespy Babs (Lot 11) sold for €2,700
Dam and Grand Dam both had Protein to 3.60 % with Grand Dam Oldrose Rhonda Babs producing 10,340 kgs milk 4.99 % Fat, 3.61% Protein in her 4th lactation.

Oldrose Gillespy Ethna 2 (Lot 23) sold for €2,600.

Oldrose Goldday Peach (Lot 8) sold for €2,600.

Oldrose Zelgadis Camelia (Lot 22) sold for €2,400.

Oldrose Dominant Red Idealen Red (Lot 24) sold for €2,200. She carries a PD to Mogul and has an expected calving date of September.

Also sold for €2,200 was Oldrose Goldday Nancy (Lot 25) and Oldrose Goldday Deirdre (Lot 19).

The sale was conducted by Taaffe Auctions