National Dairy Show 2013 Results

Class 1 YMA Showmanship League
Handler aged 16 years & Under on 1st Jan. 13
1st     James O’Sullivan
2nd    Kevin Smith
3rd    Doireann Mulhall

Class 2 YMA Showmanship League
Hander aged 17 – 26 years inclusive on 1st Jan 13
1st    Catriona Neville
2nd    Stacey     O’Sullivan
3rd    Ann-Marie Manley

Class 3  Sponsored by Boveq Scanning
Handler aged under 12 years on 1st January 2013
1st    Pauric Coleman
2nd    Brian Smith
3rd    Claire Smith

Class 4  Sponsored by Provita
Handler aged between 12 & 18 years on 1st Jan. 2013
1st    Lauren O’Toole
2nd    Conor Lynch
3rd    Claire Kirby

Champion Handler: Lauren O’Toole  Sponsored by Dovea Genetics
Reserve Champion Handler:   Conor Lynch  Sponsored by O’Connor Group

Class 4J Jersey Heifer born on or after January 1st 2012
Sponsored by BMJ Consultants
1st    Gerard Lehane – Massrock S1214 Daisy led by Conor Lehane
2nd    Patrick Ahern    – Moorshill Regan Eve
3rd    Patrick Ahern – Moorshill Regan Nikki
4th    Gerard Lehane – Massrock PWI Bambi

Class 5 Heifer born on or after January 1st 2013
Sponsored by Tom Harte Dairy Services – De Laval
1st    Michael McNamara – Barna Ingrid Cricket
2nd    Pat Murphy – Corstown Ayres Kathleen
3rd    M. & P. Jones – Hallow RC Sid Embrace
4th    Donal & Tadgh Bourke – Ballinafinn Million S Anna
5th    Patrick Smith – Cahirmee Braxton Missy

Class 6 Heifer born between July 1st ’12 & December 31st ‘12
Sponsored by Osmonds
1st    John Hurley – Clonpaddin AFT Mona
2nd    Michael McNamara – Laurelelm Stone Daffodil
3rd    Donal & Tadgh Bourke – Chapelhill Rustler Roxy
4th    Patrick Colton – Ardnasalem Million Terri
5th    John Cooney – Hallow SID Nicolette
6th    D. & M. O’Sullivan – Knockbrown Philly 1616

Class 7 Heifer born between January 1st 12 & June 30th ‘12
Sponsored by Barrett’s Agri / Southern Farm Fuels
1st    John Hurley – Clonpaddin WB Fame
2nd    M. & P. Jones – Hallow Boss Twain
3rd    Margaret Laffan – Leagh Damion Princess
4th    Keypoint Holsteins – Sprucegrove Mamouth Illinda
5th    Liam & Sandra Murphy – Bonaghmore Alexander
6th    Gordon Kingston – Kingsleigh S901 Karry 604

Class 8 Heifer born between July 1st 2011 & December 31st 2011
Sponsored by ABS Ireland
1st    John & Nora Walsh – Counguilla Ares Lulu
2nd    Patrick Coffey – Lisnacunna Aftershock Passion
3rd    Patrick Coffey – Lisnacunna Dee Beauty
4th    Gordon Kingston – Lisselan Chloe Ruby
5th    John Cooney – Lumville Jet-Red Marleen
6th    Michael McNamara – Lumville Damion Chrissie

Junior Holstein Champion: John Hurley – Clonpaddin WB Fame
Junior Holstein Reserve Champion: John Hurley – Clonpaddin ROJ Mona

Class 9J – Jersey Heifer born before 31st December ’12 Not in Milk
Sponsored by Keenans
1st    Patrick Gaynor – Mullaghlands Pride Swiss
2nd    Gerard Lehane – Massrock Belle Lily
3rd    Gerard Lehane – Massrock S1214 Brunette
4th    Gerard Lehane – Massrock LXK Rosie
5th    Tim & Mary McCarthy – Foxhall Early Morning

Class 10 – Cow, show not in milk – last calving must be within 18 months of show
Sponsored by Macroom Mills
1st    John O’Callaghan – Mountfarna MOD Wendy
2nd    Robert Helen – Eedy CIX Acclaim
3rd    Richard Whelan – Lumville Danoise 2
4th    Ml O’Sullivan / Liam O’Neill – Knockbrown Integrity Fame

Recipient of the National Recognition Award – Mr. Cyril Dowling – Baldonnel

Class 11 – Confined Heifer in Milk
Sponsored by Alltech Ireland
1st    Richard Helen – Kilgarriffe Pixie 7th
2nd    Eddie O’Flynn – Ryefarm Paula 97
3rd    Patrick Gaynor – Cannontown Acres Erle

Class 12 –  2 year old Heifer in Milk born on or after April 1st 2011
Sponsored by Eurogene A.I. Services
1st    Cyril & John Dowling – Baldonnel Talent Raquel
2nd    Aidan Foody – Baxter Peggy
3rd    Peter Kingston – Cradenhill CH Vera

Class 13 – Junior 3 Year old Heifer / Cow in Milk born between 1st Sept 2010 & 31st March 2011
Sponsored by AIB
1st    T. Bourke/C. Dowling – Baldonnel Goldie Larissa
2nd    Paul Flanagan – Tubbertoby Atwood Maddie
3rd    Brian Hayes – Dock Baltimore Elizabeth
4th    Mervyn Eager – Clonpaddin G Fame
5th    Richard Whelan – Tubbertoby Million Jean
6th    Brian Hayes – Dock Lavenguard Clare

Intermediate Champion  Sponsored by Dairygold  Cyril Dowling & Tadgh Bourke Baldonnel Goldie Larissa
Intermediate Reserve Champion – Paul Flanagan – Tubbertoby Atwood Maddie

Class 14J Jersey Heifer in Milk
Sponsored by Kerry Agri Business
1st    Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Vindication Poppy
2nd    Patrick Ahern – Moorshill Vindication Sue
3rd    Gerard Lehan – Massrock Bella Rosie
4th    Richard Helen – Kilgarriffe Prance 4th

Class 15 Confined Cow in Milk
Sponsored by Irish Farmers Association
1st    Richard Helen – Kilgarriffe Annie 24
2nd    Liam & Sandra Murphy – Swiftsheath Susie Mist
3rd    Edwin Gaynor / Kevin McGloin – Clongowes Dictator Braun
4th    Eddie O’Flynn – Ryefarm Fabulous Paula

Confined Champion – Richard Helen – Kilgarriffe Annie 24
Confined Reserve Champion – Liam & Sandra Murphy – Swiftsheath Susie Mist 923

Class 16J Jersey Cow in Milk – sponsored by Carbery Group
1st    Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Commercia Glamour
2nd  Patrick Ahern – Moorshill Buttercup
3rd  Robert Shannon – Gabriel JBY Silky

Jersey Champion – sponsored by Viking Genetics Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Vindication Glamour
Jersey Reserve Champion – Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Vindication Poppy

Irish Jersey Society Exhibitor Bred – Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Vindication Glamour

Class 17 – Sponsored by FBD Insurance
Senior 3 Year old cow in Milk born between Jan. 1st 2010 & Aug 31st 2010
1st    M. & P. Jones – Bodermist Sanchez Fran
2nd    D. & K. Boyd – Glaslough Sanchez Brie
3rd    Victor Jackson – Rossigh Goldwyn Geisha

Class 18 – 4 year old cow born between Jan. 1st ’09 – Dec. 31st ‘09
Sponsored by Southern Milling
1st    Victor Jackson – Crossnacole Precious Gold
2nd    Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Damion Illinda
3rd    Donal & Tadgh Bourke – Ballinafinn Atlas S Hope A
4th    Cyril & John Dowling – Baldonnel Sprite Sylvia

Class 19 – 5 Year old Cow in Milk Born between Jan. 1st ’08 & Dec. 31st ‘08
Sponsored by Norbrook
1st    M. & P. Jones – Hallow Advent Twizzle 3
2nd    P. & D. Frawley – Croagh Susie Mist 47
3rd    D. Boyd / R. Cromie – Dalevalley GWI Ivory
4th    P. & D. Frawley – Croagh Maureen 17
5th    John A. Forrest – Coolroehouse Lenita
6th    Kathleen & Sean Kelly – Coolroe Sam Josey

Class 20 – Mature Cow in Milk born before Dec 31st ‘07
Sponsored by IHFA
1st    P. & D. Frawley – Ridgefield Dundee Portea
2nd    Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelmore Duplex Impala
3rd    John Hurley – Clonpaddin RTX Jill
4th    Jerry & Diarmuid Murphy – Cannontown Kite Peach
5th    Cyril & John Dowling – Baldonnel Mr S Raquel
6th    Peter Kingston – Cradenhill Advent Ashlyn

Class 21 – Production Class
Sponsored by Zoetis
1st    Patrick Coffey – Lisnacunna Lheros Passion
2nd    Ricky & John Barrett & Sons – Laurelelm Duplex Impala
3rd    E. & S. Murphy – Dalevalley OTI J Lulu
4th    Jerry & Diarmuid Murphy – Cannontown Kite Peach
5th    Richard Whelan – Lumville Danoise 2

Class 22 – Group of 3 Females
Sponsored by Farm Store Bandon in conjunction with SMP Concrete
1st    P & D. Frawley – Croagh
2nd    John Hurley – Clonpaddin

Best Udder – P. & D. Frawley – Ridgefield Dundee Portea

National Dairy Show 2013 Highest EBI  – Robert Shannon for both Holstein & Jersey

The Exhibitor Bred Champion – M. & P.  Jones – Hallow Advent Twizzle
The Exhibitor Bred Reserve Champion – M. & P. Jones – Bodermist Sanchez Fran

The Irish Examiner National Dairy Show 2013 Supreme Champion – P. & D. Frawley with Ridgefield Dundee Portea for their 2nd year running.
Congratulations to the Frawley’s of Croagh, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick.
The Irish Examiner Reserve Champion – M. & P.  Jones –
 Hallow Advent Twizzle
The Irish Examiner Honourable Mention – M. & P. Jones – Bodermist Sanchez Fran