IHFA Pricing 2024

Item Member Non-member
Female Automatic Registration €13.00
Female Manual Registration €18.00 €40.00
Male Registration €40.00 €100.00
Genotyping for Registered male (or Dam) in 2024 €24.00
Parentage Verification/Genotyping €35.00 €50.00
Genotyping Batch Price €24.00 na
Imported Female, Pedigree Population €35.00 €50.00
Imported Male €50.00 €100.00
Classification Visit Fee €20.00 €40.00
Classification Animal Fee €8.00 €10.00
Classification Cancellation Fee €30.00 €50.00
AI Bull Code Preparation €100.00 €200.00
ET Donor/Calf Genotype €24.00 €50.00
ET Calf Registration €20.00 €50.00
Prefix (discounted on Grade-Up) €100.00
Membership €40.00
Re-printing Certs €2.00 €3.00
Postage of Certs An Post Costs

All males must be genotyped plus Sire & Dam  verified from 1st Feb.

An additional genotype charge of €24 will apply if the dam is not already genotyped.

Manual registrations are any animals not named at time of birth notification.

All registrations subject to random parentage check by genotype

There is a minimum charge of €100 per classification visit.

Non-member registrations are not part of random check system so all registrations will require parentage verification.

Non-member registrations must be manually processed so will encur a manual processing fee.

All payments for Non-members must be processed before registrations are completed, as these payments will be processed manually there will be an additional fee of €25 on each transaction.