Tarabella ESZ Jolie EX90 4E hail and hearty after 14 lactations with 10,480kgs milk solids recorded

Oliver & Martina Neville’s distinguished 17 years-old pedigree registered cow primed for her 15th lactation

A testament to Holstein Friesian longevity, functionality, production, fertility and health  

Pictured on farm during a recent herd classification inspection visit Tarabella ESZ Jolie EX90 4E made an immediate impression. Born in January 2004, Jolie is now in her 18th year and she is rightfully highly cherished by owners Oliver and Martina Neville & family, who farm at Ballydaly, close to Tullamore in county Offaly. 

Tarabella ESZ Jolie EX90 4E lifetime yield 129,309kgs milk, 6,054kgs fat, 4,426kgs protein, 4.68% fat, 3.42% protein in 14 lactations to date

  •       In her 12th lactation she recorded 10,989kgs milk, 971kgs milk solids, 5.32% fat, 3.52% Protein (339 days).
  •       She is back in calf yet again and due her 15th calf in mid-September

IHFA Diamond Award Status

IHFA Diamond Award status was bestowed on Jolie when she achieved 3,000kgs protein production alongside being scored EX (Excellent) on conformation classification.

Her functional attributes for lifetime longevity and efficient milk production capability are recognised by the IHFA Classification service. She achieved composite scores of EX94 legs & feet, EX90 rump, EX90 body and VG88 mammary. Oliver notes her steady development and gradual maturity over the years having initially scored 73 points as a youthful 2 year-old.   

Exceptional Udder Quality & Udder Health

Commenting on her qualities, Oliver observes 

“I don’t recall her ever getting mastitis. Her udder quality has stood out throughout her lifetime. She has always milked out really well. She is just a pleasure to milk and to work with in the parlour.”

To this day Jolie continues to do her work, efficiently, quietly and with resounding effect within the Neville family’s 230-cow herd. 

Bred from an ET cow family investment

Lynally is the herd prefix of Oliver and Martina Neville & family. Martina’s father, Tommy Finlay, bred Jolie and she was the result of one of many genetic investments that Tommy made in his quest to continually develop his Tarabella herd, adding further depth of quality breeding. 

He invested in embryos from Canada in the early 1990s, pursuing a policy of attaining quality cow families of 100% Holstein genetics. Wedgwood Sultan Jolie EX was the donor dam identified – a fourth generation VG/EX dam. Her sire was Puget-Sound Sultan EX a grand-son of Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation EX96. Tarabella Jed Jolie ET, sired by Juniper Rotate Jed ET EX, thus established the Jolie family in the Tarabella herd. 

The family developed further in subsequent generations as follows; 

  • Tarabella Integrity Jolie ET sired by Robthom Integrity ET EX96 (RMI) 
  • Her daughter, Tarabella Rockman Jolie, sired by Rockman (ROC)
  • Grand-daughter, Tarabella ESZ Jolie, sired by Etazon Slogan (ESZ) born in 2004. 

The Tarabella herd was dispersed upon Tommy Finlay’s retirement from dairying and Jolie is the last of the Tarabella registered stock remaining in the Lynally herd.

Although Tommy retired from dairy farming, his interest and involvement continues unabated. Serving as Director of Tullamore National Livestock Show – cattle section – is a role that he has fulfilled since the foundation of the show, thirty years ago. Tommy is also a founding member and active participant member of the Laois Offaly Friesian Breeders Club. 

Three 3,000kg Protein Gold and Diamond Award Jolies in three different herds

The Jolie family is also prominent in the Boleybawn herd of Noel Rothwell, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow. Noel purchased Cunniamstown Sultan Jolie ET VG88 from John Codd, who had also invested in embryos from the same Canadian dam as Tommy – Wedgwood Sultan Jolie EX – in the early 1990s. 

Hanoverhill Lieutenant EX was the donor sire of John Codd’s embryo investment into the family. Recognising her quality and potential to develop further Noel purchased Jolie from John Codd and she established a legacy in the Boleybawn herd. 

Her legacy and influence extend to the Rowantree herd of Damian Wynne in Ballyconnel, Co. Cavan where Boleybawn Ru Red Jolie EX93 5E (Red & White) resides. She is also a Diamond Award recipient. With many commendable qualities she now performs admirably. Aged 11 years old with a lifetime yield to date of 91,600kgs milk, 7,370kgs milk solids, 4.37% fat, 3.67% protein. She is bred from an EX90 Talent dam with her grand dam Boleybawn Bellwood Jolie VG89, a Gold Award recipient having also achieved 3,000kgs protein production. Her next dam is the aforementioned Cunniamstown Sultan Jolie ET VG88. 

Boleybawn Unix Joliet, an in-calf heifer sired by Unix from a VG85 Durham Watha dam with protein to 3.70%, is one of the promising youthful members of the family in the Boleybawn herd today.

A Red & White deviation at Lynally

“I had a hunch that there was Red factor gene in the background of the family” comments Oliver on why some top Red & White AI sires were selected for specific use on the Jolies. 

Lynally Jolie 1677, who recently classified EX90 in her fifth lactation, is the highest scored Red & White grand-daughter in the herd. In her 4th lactation she recorded 11,690kgs milk, 847kgs milk solids in 308 days. She is sired by Ladinodale Aaron Red with her dam Lynally Jerudo Jolie (GP82 as a heifer) having recorded a 6th lactation yield of 11,368kgs milk, 915kgs milk solids, 4.47% fat, 3.58% protein (330 days). In her lifetime she has recorded components to 6.64% fat and 3.70% protein.

Jolie family successful in Aisling Neville’s newly established dairy herd

Aisling Neville, daughter of Oliver and Martina and grand-daughter of Tommy Finlay, recently commenced her own dairy herd venture having qualified with a degree in Agricultural Science. Aisling’s herd is located 25kms from the home farm. The Jolie family is helping to underpin the performance of the new herd, with fourteen family members in total including youngstock.                     Some of the Jolie’s in Aisling’s herd includes;  

Lynally Jolie 2006 (GP81 as a heifer)

7,135kgs milk, 566kgs milk solids, 4.21% fat, 3.72% protein in her 2nd lactation (294 days)   

Lynally Jolie 2351

7,682kgs milk, 627kgs milk solids, 4.57% fat, 3.59% protein in her 2nd lactation (316 days)

Lynally Jolie 2001 (G78 as a heifer)

9,541kgs milk, 716kgs milk solids, 3.99% fat, 3.52% protein in her 2nd lactation (339 days)

The stellar success of 17-year-old Tarabella ESZ Jolie and the high performance of the family helps shine a spotlight on the many positive attributes of Holstein Friesian cow families. When considering the issues of sustainability and environmental consciousness, this level of longevity and performance can only be of benefit.