Breffni Oriel

Club Committee 2020

Chairperson Gene Finnegan
Tonagh, Mountnugent, Co. Cavan 086 3842056
Secretary Pauric McEnerney 085 2547476
PRO Sinead Keenan 047 57082
Treasurer Clifford Poyntz, 086 3722830
Kilmore House, Cavan, Co. Cavan.

Club Notes – Winter 2021

Herd’s Competition

Our first event of 2021 was our annual Herd’s Competition.  It was held in Cavan Rugby Club on the 27th August. The venue has ample outdoor facilities and a very sociable occasion was enjoyed by all.

A special thanks to our judges Clayton Coulter, Johnathan Kelso and Jason Booth who took time out from there busy schedules to go around and visit the herds.  Also well done to all members on showing their herds to their very best.

The results are as follows:


Junior Section

Junior Cow

1st Frank Walls- Shankill Armani Aukje

2nd Christian keenan – Threemile Lady Whiteford

3rd Jason Poyntz – Beechstream Aik Roxy

Heifer in Milk

1st Christian Keenan- Threemile Bella Eldorado

2nd TM & Brendan Reilly – Corrigan Casina Crest

3rd Jason Poyntz – Beechstream Seagull Peggy

Senior Cow

1st Colin Knox – Shanmullagh Bach Breeze

2nd Pauraic McEnerney – Freeduff Glouco Diane

3rd Jason Poyntz – Beechstream Rustler Red


Christian Keenan – Threemile Lady Whiteford


1st Pauraic McEnerney

2nd John Givney

3rd Clifford Poyntz

Novice Section

Junior Cow

1st Eileen Smith

2nd Gene Finnegan

3rd Neville Lee Irwin

Heifer in Milk

1st Gene Finnegan

2nd Aidan Connolly

3rd Eileen Smith

Senior Cow

1st Shane O’Dowd

2nd Eileen Smith

3rd Gene Finnegan

Colour Breed Award

Gene Finnegan


1st Aidan Connolly

2nd Shane O’Dowd

3rd Eileen Smith

Intermediate Section

Junior Cow

1st ian Martin – Lyngate Shottle Alfrida

2nd Gerry Murray – Monamore Hagley Ellya

3rd Pat Gaynor – Maullaghaland Ladd Bramur

Heifer in Milk

1st Pat Gaynor – Connors Lemonhead Swiss

2nd Gerry Murray – Cullies Kingboy Lustre

3rd Raymond Scott – Loughnacon Punch Fawn

Senior Cow

1st Gerry Murray – Cullies Stonewall Active

2nd Dermot Sherry – Ninecounties Classic beauty

3rd Pat Gaynor- Mullaghlands Mogul Joan


1st Ian Martin

2nd James Lamb

3rd Gerry Murray

Senior Section

Junior Cow

1st Seamus Shannon – Clonocey mogul Bleubell

2nd George Allister – Radrum Mogul Laurie

3rd Trevor Williamson – Drumshanny Ladd Slaney Red

Heifer in milk

1st George Allister – Radrum applicable Ebony

2nd Seamus Shannon – Clonocey Solomon posty

3rd Trevor Williamson – Drumshanny Beauty Ra Ra Red

Senior Cow

1st Trevor Williamson – Lisnacunna Gold Dusk

2nd George Allister – Radrum MogulLaurie

3rd David McCoy – Wilcoy Zelgadif Suzy 49


Seamus Shannon – Clonocey Shine Marble


1st David McCoy

2nd Trevor Williamson

3rd Noel Cooke

Elite Section

Junior Section

1st Brian Corley – Cornboro Beemer Dolly

2nd Greenlea Applicable Rhapsody

3rd Seamus Gunn – Ernevale incredibull Angelina

Heifer in milk

1st John & Graeme Taylor – Cloonboyger Persius Hiske

2nd Edwin Bennett – Chruchlane Kingboy Noya

3rd Brian Corley – Cornboro Unix Dolly

Senior Cow

1st Padraic Greenan – Greenlea Mardi Gras Rhapsody

2nd Pat Colton – Ardnasalem Mogul Darkie

3rd David Boyd – Glaslough Golden Pepsi


Brian Corley Beechfield Shottle Ella


1st Edwin Bennett

2nd John & Graeme Taylor

3rd Brian Corley

Congratulations to Overall winner of the herd’s competition Edwin & Sandra Bennett & Family.  Well done to everyone involved.

As always Breffni Oriel welcomes new members.  We hope to get meeting up soon in these uncertain times I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.