Cork Committee 2022

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President Pat Ahern

Club Notes – Winter 2021

The Cork Holstein Friesian Club is back in business…..well mostly!! Since the last edition of the IHFA Journal, we are delighted to announce that our in-person meetings have resumed. We have also held various outdoor club events and saw the welcome return of our annual herds competition awards night (all within Covid guidelines pertaining at the time). It is evident from the resumption of these occasions, the importance of the social aspect of club life with long conversations and catch ups with friends and fellow breeders at these outings. Looking forward, ideas and suggestions are already floating around for next year’s programme of events as the club resumes more normal activity. But, before then, the clubs AGM will be held in December. As always, all the latest club news and information can be found on social media by searching ‘Cork Holstein Friesian Club’.

Alan Buttimer PRO.

Annual Pedigree Breeding Bull Sale

The Cork Holstein Friesian Club held its annual pedigree breeding bull sale on Thursday, 8th of April. The sale took place online via, from Bandon mart. Usually in the past the event would have also included a show to choose a champion bull but due to covid restrictions at the time, this section was dropped for this year. On the day, a total of 16 bulls were offered for sale. These included bulls with EBI’s to €282, dams with yields to 10,060 kgs, fat to 5.88%, protein to 3.99%, and milk solids to 842kg. Also bulls from dams that have classified up to EX91.

Of the 16 bulls presented, 11 sold. This represented a clearance rate of 69%. The average price paid on the day was €2,313, with a top price of €3,100 paid for Lot 18, Radney Hasselbaink. This was a January 2020 born bull with an EX90 dam with yields of 10,060kg, 3.90% bf, 3.77% pr, 771kg ms.

The club would like to thank Bandon mart and all those involved for their work on the sale and we wish all the buyers the very best with their purchases. Hopefully, next year’s bull sale will also include a return of the show section.

Farm walk

A club farm walk took place at the Bolomore herd of Seamus and James Bourke, Mallow on the 14th of October. The Bourkes recently installed DeLaval milking robots. Those that attended on the day, got a detailed over view on how the robots were working on the farm and also viewed the Bolomore milking herd.  Also in attendance on the day was guest speaker, Paddy

McCarthy, nutritionist. The event was well attended and people got a great overview of a very well organised farming enterprise. We would like to thank all those who attended, the Bourke family for hosting the event and also to Paddy McCarthy for his very informative presentation.

Cow Management and Information Videos

As mentioned in the last edition of the IHFA Journal, we ran a new online ‘Cow Management and Information’ video series. This was ran due to a lack of club meetings and field evenings in early summer. It involved guest speakers being invited to present a short video on a specific topic related to the day-to-day management of a modern dairy herd. The video series included the topics; quality silage, hoof maintenance and butterfat at grass. The club would like to thank Rachel McCarthy and Pat Coakley (quality silage), Adam Zsinko (hoof care) and John Molloy (butterfat at grass) for their time and expertise in presenting the video series. The full series is still available to view on the clubs Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Club Profile Videos

We have continued our club profile videos with a new series this year. During the summer we were delighted to visit the Kennedy family and their Glenrea herd. Club committee member, Martin farms in partnership with his wife Joan and son Michael in Bridestown, Glenville. They farm a total of 250 acres and have 145 milking cows. Last year, the cows averaged 8,500 litres at 626 kgs milk solids. 90% of the cows are calved in the spring with the remaining 10% calving in the autumn. There is also a selection of bulls kept for breeding each year. In their latest classification, they had 44 EX’s and 62 VG’s. One cow that stood out was Glenrea Dave Candy, in her 12th lactation, she is classified EX91 6E. She has 3 EX daughters, 2 EX granddaughters and 3 great granddaughters in the herd. The full video profile is available to view on the club’s social media pages.

We also had the pleasure of visiting the Landmark herd of Ivan and Steven Nagle near Mitchelstown. A superb herd of cows, on a very well managed farm was viewed on the day. The video is currently being edited and will be released soon. So, keep a look out in the near future!!

The club would like to thank both the Kennedy and Nagle families for making the video profiles possible. Thanks also to the sub-committee of James Crowley, Jason Helen and Alan Buttimer for putting the videos together along with SeanOg O’Flynn.

Stock Judging Afternoon

On Saturday the 18th of September the Cork Holstein Friesian Club teamed up with the Cork YMA to host a stock judging afternoon at the Mohoncross herd of Jerry and Mary Hegarty, Skibbereen. The day consisted of a stock judging competition, where competitors judged different classes of cows. This was followed by placings by the master judge and a brief description of each animal in the different classes by Jerry. A great day was had by all who attended. We even had a special appearance by Jerry and Mary’s daughter, Emily, to show us all her Olympic medal. Thanks to everyone who attended, to Rickey Barrett, our master judge for the day and especially to our hosts, Jerry and Mary Hegarty.

CHFC Olympic Connection

There was a Cork Holstein Friesian Club connection to the recent Olympic games held in Tokyo. The Irish rowing team that took bronze included Emily Hegarty. Emily is daughter of well-known club members, Jerry and Mary Hegarty who farm the Mohoncross herd of pedigree Holstein Friesians near Skibbereen. The club would like to congratulate Emily and the rest of the team on their fantastic achievement

Herds Competition

This summer there was the welcome return of the club’s herds competition after last year’s absence. In the same format as previous years, entrants were split into 5 different sections with prizes such as; best herd, protein %, best cow, best cow family, highest EBI, among others, for each section. Judging took place during June with results announced at the club’s awards night. A total of 58 herds competed this year over the five sections. The awards night took place on the 26th of October in the Cork International Hotel. A great social night was had by all. The club would like to thank all those who entered the competition this year and congratulate the winners. Also, a special thank you to our judges this year; Peter Ging, Michael McNamara, Noel Crowley, Henry O’Keeffe and Willie Sheehan for giving their time to travel and judge each herd. Thanks also to our sponsors, DairyGold, for their continued support of the competition and to the organising committee of Michael O’Sullivan, Martin Kennedy, Mark Kelleher, James Bourke and Pat Coveney for organising a very well run and enjoyable night. The list of winners for each section included;

Autumn/Spring A:

Overall Herd

1st Laurelelm – Ricky Barrett

2nd Ryefarm – Eddie O’Flynn & Family

3rd Eedy – Robert, Sylvia & Jason Helen

Best Cow

1st Ryefarm Paula 118 – Eddie O’Flynn & Family

2nd Seaview Missy 44 – Denis & Claire White

Best Heifer:

1st Eedy Sidekick Cinderella – Robert, Sylvia & Jason Helen

2nd Seaview Missy 131 – Denis & Claire White

Cow family:

1st Acclaim Family – Robert, Sylvia & Jason Helen

2nd Brilliant Family – Ricky Barrett

3 Cows 5 + Lactations:

1st Laurelelm – Ricky Barrett

2nd Ryefarm – Eddie O’Flynn & Family

Conformation Herd: Eedy – Robert, Sylvia & Jason Helen

Production Herd:

Laurelelm – Ricky Barrett

Protein % Herd: Ballydehob – Robert Shannon (3.66%)

EBI Herd: Ballydehob – Robert Shannon (EBI 188)

EBI Cow: Ballydehob Oman Mary (EBI 267) – Robert Shannon

Lifetime Production: Ballydehob OJI Trixie (9487kgs)

Lowest SCC Herd: Ringleader – Noel O Donovan (SCC 67)

Judges Prize: Noel O’Donovan.

Autumn/Spring B

Overall Herd:

1st Roovesmore – Donal Murphy

2nd Ibane – Michael Coleman

3rd Glenrea – Martin & Michael Kennedy

Best Cow:

1st Glenrea Rox Candy 2 – Martin & Michael Kennedy

2nd Annalicka DFW Ever – Donal Sweeney

Best Heifer:

1st Thehilltop Dora 71 – Ivor Bryan

2nd Moneygurran Dandelion 107 – James Crowley

Cow family:

1st Pasty – Michael Coleman

2nd Candy – Martin & Michael Kennedy

3 Cows 5 + Lactations:

1st Fountainstown – Nigel Bryan

2nd Roovesmore – Donal Murphy

Conformation Herd: Roovesmore – Donal Murphy, Ibane – Michael Coleman

Production Herd: Castleroberts – John Bourke

Protein % Herd: Mylawn – Michael Healy (3.68%)

Bolomore – Seamus Bourke (EBI 132)

Castlebiagh LWR Ruth – Michael Healy (EBI 248)

Lifetime Production Cow:

Castlerobert Lcx Emblem (8564kgs) – John Bourke

Whelfarm – Kieran Whelton (SCC 50)

Michael Kennedy.

Spring A

Overall Herd:

1st Milstreet – Denis Kiely

2nd Glenny – Daniel O’Leary

3rd Teapot – Robert Beamish

Best Cow:

1st Coppenrua WDZ Angleen – Noel Crowley

2nd Windyhill HZB Martina – Denis O’Donoughue

Best Heifer:

1st Ballyanihan Maura 1619 – Noel Shinnick

2nd Meadhill Franko Penny – Sean Keating

Cow family:

1st Dewberry – Denis Kiely

2nd Missy – Michael Murphy

3 Cows 5 + Lactations:

1st Coppeenrua – Noel Crowley

2nd Millstreet – Denis Kiely

Millstreet – Denis Kiely

Glenny – Daniel O’Leary

Coolmahon – Patrick Flynn (3.87%)

Windyhill – Denis O’Donoughue ( EBI 176)

Skehanagh Avril 200 – (EBI 273) Michael Murphy

Lifetime Production Cow:

Coolmahon Lilly Garbo – Patrick Flynn (7677 Kgs)

Meadhill – Sean Keating (SCC 66)

Noel Shinnick.

Autumn/Spring C

Overall Herd:

1st Landmark – Nagle Family

2nd Lakemarsh – Diarmuid & Dan Collins

3rd Massrock – Gerard Lehane

3rd Knockbrown – David O’Sullivan

Best Cow:

1st Landmark Emerald Pearl – Nagle Family

2nd Rearour Deman Flora – Niall Kelleher

Best Heifer:

1st Ballintotis Morgan DEO – John Shanahan

2nd Massrock Mohoncross Sunflower – Gerard Lehane

Cow family:

1st Fame – David O’Sullivan

2nd Posy – Nagle Family

3 Cows 5 Lactations +:

1st Landmark – Nagle Family

2nd Knockbrown – David O’Sullivan

Conformation Herd: Landmark – Nagle Family

Production Herd: Ballinespaig – Patrick Covney

Protein % Herd: Massrock – Gerard Lehane (3.56%)

EBI Herd: Lakemarsh – Diarmuid & Dan Collins (EBI 144)

EBI Cow: Massrock LWR Bess – Gerard Lehane (EBI 251)

Lifetime Production Cow: Lehenagh Onagh 57 – Richard Geary (6781 Kgs)

Lowest SCC Herd: Patrick Covney, Richard & Michael White (SCC 61)

Best New Entrant: Lehenagh – Richard Geary

Judges Prize: Diarmuid & Dan Collins.

Spring B

Overall Herd:

1st Keajack – Declan Keating

2nd Kilbrennan – Tom O’Driscoll

3rd Hanrahans – Eddie & Mathew Hanrahan

Best Cow:

1st Hanrahans DGC Sunray – Eddie & Mathew Hanrahan

2nd Curranure LHZ Ashling – Brian Falvey

Best Heifer:

1st Kilbrennan KKK MFX Alice – Tom O’Driscoll

2nd Geraghtown Hagley Louise 1646 – Jerry & Daniel O’Leary

Cow Family:

1st Ashling – Declan Keating

2nd Tessa – Austin Lynch

3 Cows 5 Lactations +:

1st Kilbrennan – Tom O’Driscoll

2nd Springpark – Mark Kelleher

Production Herd: Cloughroe – Denis O’Leary

Conformation Herd: Kilbrennan – Tom O’Driscoll

Protein % Herd: Clover – James O’Keeffe (3.77%)

EBI Herd: Browney – Thomas, John & Catherine Kearney (EBI 162)

EBI Cow: Curranure FR2235 Ashling 1070 (EBI 296) Brian Falvey

Lifetime Production Cow: Kilbreennan Sensation 20 (6781 KGS) Tom O’Driscoll

Lowest SCC Herd: Keajack Declan Keating (SCC 57)

Best New Entrant: Hanrahans Eddie & Mathew Hanrahan

Judges Prize: Becky Hynes.