Holstein Friesian Journal 

The Holstein Friesian Journal dates back to 1967. It has gone through a couple of name changes and format changes in that time. Currently, the Journal is published twice annually Рin spring and winter. It features profiles on our breeders, their herds and sometimes profiles individual cows of note or cow families. Also included is industry news, research findings, showing news and club and YMA updates. Hard copies of bull and cow proofs along with annual classifications listing are published too.

There is something for every dairy farmer to read in each edition and our Journal is read cover to cover by many of our members, many who will collect editions and refer to it out of historical or comparative interest. 

Both IHFA breeders and businesses in the agri-industries advertise in the Irish Holstein Friesian Journal. For expressions of interest and rates, please contact lhelen@ihfa.ie

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