Lisduff Sale 2021

Cow families with generations of performance command strong prices at 38th Lisduff Sale

The Lisduff herd of John O’Sullivan & sons held a very successful 38th annual draft sale on Saturday October 9th. The high quality Lisduff catalogue offered over 150 lots in total including 40 fresh calved heifers plus their heifer calves, and 85 spring calving heifers.

Of note, sexed semen was used across all heifers such that the spring calvers, with due dates starting from mid-January, are anticipated to be carrying heifer calves.

On the day, 37 fresh calved heifers sold for an average of €2,317 with a 97% clearance. 32 baby heifer calves sold for an average of €849. As an overview of the spring calvers, the average was close to €2,200.

The Lisduff herd, owned by the O’Sullivan family, is located near Whitechurch in north county Cork. A pioneer of Holstein Friesian breeding over many decades, John O’Sullivan farms with sons John Jr and Victor, working alongside farm manager David McGrath. Earlier this year the Lisduff herd was short listed as a national finalist and was a category winner in the Quality Milk Awards Competition run by the National Dairy Council and Kerrygold.

Cow families are the backbone of the Lisduff herd. Established families, such as Leslie, Beatrix, Dairybreiz, Ellen, Dolores and Duchess, are synonymous with Lisduff while the Mary family is also very prominent.

Consistency and efficiency in milk production performance and conformation standards achieved, generation after generation, provides surplus breeding stock being offered for sale annually. Buoyant demand in the market for high performing bloodlines was evident with brisk bidding up to the very end at the herd’s 38th annual sale.

Lisduff Leslie 412 (Lot 50) achieved the top price selling for €3,331. A spring-calving heifer, she is bred from nine generations of VG/EX dams. Her dam, Lisduff Leslie 134 EX93 3E, is in her seventh lactation recording 10,397kgs milk, 861 kgs milk solids, 4.53% fat, 3.75% protein in her sixth lactation (369 days). Grand dam, Lisduff Leslie 74 ET EX91 3E, achieved a lifetime yield of 57,755kgs milk, 4,334kgs milk solids, 3.96% fat, 3.54% protein. She is bred from the same family as Lisduff Perception (FR6139) one of the top bulls in stud with NCBC, with an EBI of €289. Born in January 2020, Leslie 412 is due to calve at the end of January next year served to Welcome Silver Griff (sexed).

Lisduff Ellen 319 (lot 15) - Top priced fresh calved heifer selling for €3,117. Her heifer calf sired by Westcoast Yamaska sold for €1,127

Lisduff Ellen 319 (Lot 15) was the top price fresh calved heifer selling for €3,117. Sired by Westcoast Perseus VG87 (FR4187), she is five weeks calved and has a genomic EBI of €179. Both her dam and grand dam classified Good Plus (GP) in their first lactations, going on to achieve lifetime production performance average per lactation of 9,600kgs milk, 749kgs milk solids and 10,100kgs milk, 745kgs milk solids in four lactations, respectively. Her heifer calf by Westcoast Yamaska (FR4368) sold for €1,127.

Lisduff Mary 264 (lot 1) - Sold for €3,075. Her heifer calf sired by Denovo Sublime sold for €1,045

Lisduff Mary (Lot 1) sold for €3,075. A daughter of Claynook Casper (FR4416), backed by three generations of VG/EX dams. Her heifer calf by Denovo Sublime (FR6571) sold for €1,045. Her dam, Lisduff Mary 185 VG88, is currently in her third lactation having recorded 7,371kgs milk, 555kgs milk solids, 4.01% fat, 3.51% protein in 200 days to date. Grand dam, Lisduff Mary 93 EX91 4E, is going strong in her seventh lactation with a lifetime yield to date of 65,590kgs milk, 5,233kgs milk solids, 4.47% fat, 3.51% protein. Calved six weeks, she sold with a genomic EBI of €192.

Lisduff Constance 69 (lot 18) - Sold for €3,023. Her heifer calf by Denovo Prince sold for €1,250 – the top price heifer calf of the sale

Lisduff Constance 69 (Lot 18) sold for €3,023. She is backed by three generations of VG/EX dams and is sired by Westcoast Perseus VG87 (FR4187). Calved five weeks both her dam and grand dam have classified EX (Excellent) on conformation, which is the top grade attainable, with her dam currently in her fifth lactation. Grand dam Lisduff Constance 43 EX90 5E is an IHFA Diamond Award recipient, having attained Excellent classification and yielded over 3,000kgs protein.

Her heifer calf, sired by Denovo Prince (FR6574), sold for €1,250, achieved the top price of the heifer calves on the day.

Lisduff Mary 280 (Lot 75) sold for €3,075, achieving the second-highest price of the spring calving heifers. Bred from three generations of VG/EX dams, she is due to calve at the end of January served to VH Norland Nader (sexed). Her sire is Claynook Casper (FR4416). She has a genomic EBI of €205.

Nine calved heifers achieved prices in excess of €2,500.

Over a dozen spring calving heifers achieved prices in excess of €2,500.

Every heifer catalogued had genomic breeding values, having been DNA tested with sires verified through genomics. 64 heifers had genomic EBI predictions over €180.

The venue for the auction was Cork Marts, Corrin Co. Cork, with the sale operated in hybrid mode, combining a limited number of ringside bidders in addition to online bidding. The prices quoted are inclusive of mart commission.