National Hall of Fame Awards

The National Hall of Fame Awards is an annual all-livestock breeds event to recognise individuals who have dedicated their lifetimes for the improvement and progress within their chosen breed. IHFA is invited to submit a nominee to the National Hall of Fame each year and the recipient is invited, along with their family and club officers, to attend the social function held in Athlone. The recipient is announced and is presented with their certificate by the event VIP guest of honour. According to National Hall of Fame Awards founder and CEO Michael Flanagan “The awards are a great way of acknowledging people who have volunteered so much of their lifetime to breeding, showing, adjudicating, administering and promoting their particular breed”.

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Past list of winners:

2022 – Carlisle Smith, Co. Cork

2019 – Richard Whelan, Co. Meath

2018 – Dessie Dunleavy, Co. Donegal

2017 – Tim Kiely, Co. Cork

2016 – Mary Rafferty, Co. Monaghan

2015 – Peter Flanagan, Co. Louth

2014 – Patrick Crowe, Co. Limerick

2013 – John Codd, Co. Wicklow

2012 – Michael Buckley, Co. Cork

2011 – Br. Gerard Cahill, Co. Galway

2010 – John Hurley, Co. Wicklow